Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stop All The Clocks

This is a sorta tangential post, inserted here, because I want us to be up with the news. The title is a nod to John Hannah's reading of Auden which was the only good bit in that bloody Richard Curtis film, and which the Evil BB cited in the last post.

Both our watchees have been writing about Guantanamo Bay and essentially finding reasons for justifying it. Now comes news from another direction: US says to close Abu Ghraib prison.

Thousands of people are held on suspicion of guerrilla activity for many months. The United Nations and Iraqi ministers have complained that the system is an abuse of human rights.
The U.S. military cites its powers under a United Nations Security Council resolution to provide security in Iraq and says its facilities and procedures meet international standards.

IIRC that last paragraph applies to the US administration's defence of Guantanamo too. Are they finally conceding that they may have fouled everything up?

Here's looking forward to our boys' reactions.

As a side bet, what are the chances, now that both are bloggers, of their being Normblog profiled? And if either is, what *would* he do with the UN? Nuke it from space for questioning George Jnr?


Anonymous redpesto said...

Hang on... (a) didn't Dubya promise to close and demolish Abu Ghraib? (b) isn't it merely being handed over to the Iraqis (who might decide to keep it open? (In other words it's been closed as in 'Now Under New [Shiite] Management'?)

The buildings at Abu Ghraib, built by a British contractor in the 1960s, and the tented camp thrown up by American forces in 2003 to hold the overflow of detainees, are to be handed over to the Iraqi government. (source)

DA might fancy his chances at celebrating the decision, but I'm not convinced it's a case of 'Hold the Front Page', let alone 'Stop All the Clocks'

3/10/2006 09:52:00 AM  

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